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When you Want Pain Relief, You Need to Call Dr. Waldt
BY: HEATHER BURGESS & JENN HOLMES   Freelance Health Correspondents

Ok, it’s time for you to get pain relief.  You could call any chiropractor when you’re in pain.  However, we found a doctor we really like, and we need to report why you want to call Dr. Waldt today for your nagging headaches, neck pain, hand & wrist pain, hip & leg pain, and back pain.

You Want Fast, Gentle, Pain-Free Treatment

Why did we choose Dr. Waldt?

We were referred!  Several close friends told us that treatment at Dr. Waldt’s Pottstown office was fast, pain-free, and gentle. Dr. Waldt has practiced in Pottstown since 2002, so there’s a good chance that many of your friends (and neighbors) have been treated with similar experiences and results.  In fact, Dr. Waldt is well-known in this area for his FREEPain Severity EvaluationTM” which is a pain-free 15 minute evaluation that gets to the hidden cause of your nagging aches and pains.

Five Reasons Why You Need To See Dr. Waldt Today

1. Dr. Waldt treats your pain quickly……without……using drugs, needles or surgery.

2. Dr. Waldt has treated 2,738 local residents since 2002.  Using specialized training

and equipment, he’s uniquely qualified to treat the pain that interferes with our job, relationships, and hobbies.

3. Dr. Waldt’s experienced staff will also manage the paperwork with our insurance to make sure you get ALL the care you deserve.

4. If you need an attorney referral, Dr. Waldt knows many in this area based on your specific needs…and..

5. Dr. Waldt will recommend “quick & easy” pain-relieving home remedies to his patients and friends.

Here’s A Quick & Easy Home Remedy For Pain Relief

Use An Ice Pack Instead Of A Heating Pad.  Applying heating pads may cause you to swell and become more inflamed.  Apply an ice pack for 15 minutes instead of a heating pad.  When in doubt…use ice (or snow!)

Here’s What You Need To Do Right Now

If your favorite home remedies for pain aren’t working, then you need to call Dr. Waldt’s office now at (610-970-9999) to quickly schedule your FREEPain Severity EvaluationTM”. Your time is valuable, and Dr. Waldt’s clinic is convenient for busy people like you who just don’t have time to wait.

We’re positive that you’ll like Dr. Waldt, his friendly staff and his great service.  He’s open 6 days a week.  Call him right now at (610-970-9999).

Dr. Waldt is gentle with people & prices and provides quick pain relief for: back pain, neck pain, migraine headaches, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and fibromyalgia.  Physical therapy and massage are available also.


Call Dr. Waldt Right Now For a Free Consultation

It’s easy to get more info about whiplash injuries, work injuries, and hand & wrist problems. 

You need to call Dr. Waldt’s Office anytime of the day at 610-970-9999